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Keine Vorschau

A Place To Bury Strangers - Worship Album Interview

Guitars as jet engines; guitars as haunted electronics; guitars as filling-melting white heat: A Place To Bury Strangers' new album Worship is explosive, visceral, and dark.This album was written, recorded, mixed and mastered by A Place To Bury Strangers. It is our vision of what our music should sound like in 2012, not someone else's interpretation," says Lunadon. On Worship, they interweave threads of krautrock, dream-pop, and 80s goth.

A Place To Bury Strangers,  24. April 2012
Magnet Club Berlin

Keine Vorschau

Ane Brun Interview

Interview in Berlin by Nina Asseng

Ane Brun,  26. September 2008
Quasimodo Jazz Club , Berlin

Keine Vorschau

Blood Red Shoes - Interview pt.1

at Rosis / F'hain by Julia Cartarius

Blood Red Shoes,  09. März 2007
Rosis / Berlin

Keine Vorschau

Blood Red Shoes - Interview pt.2

at Rosis Berlin 2007 by Julia Cartarius

Blood Red Shoes,  09. März 2007
Rosi's Berlin

Keine Vorschau

Bunny Rabbit Interview

at Ibis Hotel near Ostbahnhof by Nina Asseng

Bunny Rabbit,  10. April 2007
Ibis Hotel Berlin

Keine Vorschau

Dag för Dag Interview @Astra Kulturhaus Berlin

Brother-Sister duo Sarah and Jacob Snavely, together with drummer Chuck Bukowski, perform as Dag för Dag. They will play live on stage in the next days as the support band for the Shout out Louds in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland. They also have a little autumn present for us: a download offer of the new EP named Releases found here:

Dag för Dag,  19. Oktober 2010
Astra Kulturhaus Berlin

Keine Vorschau

Daniel Johnston - Comics and Travelling

Johnstons song writing started early. When I was a kid, probably nine, I used to bang around on the piano, making up horror movie themes, he says. When I got a bit older, Id be mowing my lawn and Id make up songs and sing them. No one could hear me cause of the lawn mower.

Daniel Johnston,  02. November 2008
Volksbühne / Berlin

Keine Vorschau

Jean Rheders vom Dockville Festival über Marc Klee und Camera

Der Veranstalter des Dockville Festivals Jean Rheders erklärt die Kunst von Marc Klee aus Berlin und berichtet über seine Erfahrungen mit der Krautrockformation Camera aus Berlin. Diese tritt am liebsten da auf, wo sie niemand eingeladen hat.

Dockville Festival,  13. August 2011
Dockville Festival 2011

Keine Vorschau

Dorit Chrysler

Best known for her theremin style, composer/musician Dorit Chrysler also has a prolific recording and performing career as a vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, producer, and engineer

Dorit Chrysler,  23. Juni 2007
Görlitzer Park / Berlin

Keine Vorschau

Eagle Seagull Interview

at the Magnet Club / Berlin by Anna S Augustin

Eagle*Seagull,  10. Februar 2007
Magnet Club / Berlin

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