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The Asteroides Galaxy Tour @ 4010 Store ..coming soon

Take a look at the festive round-up, made by Mette herself, which wraps up an end to an incredible 2009 for The Asteroids Galaxy Tour! dedicated to turning pop technicolour, making funk get down with folk and mixing old soul with psychedelia and spaced-out beats.

The Asteroides Galaxy Tour,  15. Dezember 2009
4010 Store Berlin

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Jason Steele Anime - Lamas with Hats

Videos and animations by Jason Steele. All the fun of llamas, but with the added comfort of hats!

FilmCow,  09. Oktober 2009

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Fil - Mein Kind ist geiler als dein Kind

Live Video seines größten Erfolgssongs aufgenommen in der Backfabrik Berlin

Fil,  18. September 2009
Backfabrik Berlin

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Seefestspiele 2008

Studio Braun & Erobique at Behrensdorf Beach

Golden Pudel Club,  17. Juli 2008
Behrensdorf Beach

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Synchronize Diving

63. Deutschen Hallenmeisterschaft im Wasserspringen to qualifi for the WM in Melbourne 2007

Synchronize Diving,  04. Februar 2007

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Sunday in Berlin

The Party continues on Sunday in Berlin

Sunday in Berlin,  01. Februar 2008

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Peaches Laser

Peaches Lasershow Live Trailer at Berlin Festival

Peaches,  11. September 2010
Berlin Festival

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Band of Skulls / Acoustic Session / The Devil Takes Care Of His Own

Band of Skulls will be opening for The Red Hot Chili Peppers for six US dates in September / October 2012. Their sun-kissed and slow burning melodies are sweeter than ever, their riffs heavier and dirtier. The creative juices soon is flowing, and the three songwriters Marsden, Hayward and Richardson collaborate more fully than ever before. Scraps of melodies, lyrics and riffs fell into place, and complete songs began to emerge.

Band of Skulls,  15. Mai 2014
Bi Nuu / Berlin

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Band of Skulls - Sweet Sour - Acoustic Session in Berlin

The gritty English trio Band of Skulls craft bluesy and ballsy slabs of atmospheric indie rock that echo the work of contemporaries like the Kills, Duke Spirit, and the Black Keys. Formed by Russell Marsden (guitar and vocals), Emma Richardson (bass and vocals), and Matt Hayward (drums) while attending college in the city of Southampton, the band (which was originally called Fleeing New York) recorded a buzz-worthy demo in 2008, which resulted in its full-length debut album, Baby Darling Doll Face Honey, in 2009 and an accompanying international tour. For their second album, the band decamped to Wales' Rockfield Studios to work with producer Ian Davenport (Supergrass, Badly Drawn Boy). Sweet Sour arrived in February 2012.

Band of Skulls,  15. Mai 2014
Bi Nuu Backstage

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Leda Forgo - Roman

Lesung aus dem Roman 'Der Körper meines Bruders'

Leda Forgo,  13. November 2008
Brecht Haus / Berlin

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