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Noise Rock New York, US

Rock / Electro / Experimental Music - Berlin, D

Alternative / Rock Boston USA, Lead singer, pianist, and lyricist/composer of the punk cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls. Palmer's new ...

Pop / Blues / Funk - London, GB

Soul / Akustisch / Folk London / GB

Akustic,Folk,Alternativ Stockholm,Swedish

Konkret / Soul / Visual Kei BALTIMORE, Maryland / USA

Acoustic / Indie / Rock Stockholm Schweden

Indie / Folk Rock - Toronto, CA

Psychedelic / Trance / Pop BROOKLYN,USA

Bluesy Rock'n Roll Southhampton, Uk

Experimental Rock / Math Rock / Post Rock / Progressive Rock - New York, USA

Rock Los Angeles, California

Psychedelic,Easy Listening British Columbia Canada

Grunge / Punk / Disco House - Brighton, GB

Visual Electro Trash Punk D/F/CH/USA/NZ/MEX/ETC + Berlin

Thrash / Electro / Punk Hamburg / Deutschland

Electronica / Experimentelle Musik / Pop New York

Melodramatic Pop - New York, USA

Electronic music project from Portugal, specializing in the kuduro genre

Rock / Electro Copenhagen, Dänemark

Melodramatic Pop / Ambient / Live-Elektronik - New York, USA

Airy Brooklyn pop

Progressive / Death Metal / Electro Leo und Milo Smee London/ GB

Psychedelic / Jazz BERLIN, New South Wales Deutschland

Christlicher Rap / Black Metal / Disco House - New York, USA

Experimentelle Musik / Big Beat / Country Nashville / Berlin

Crystal Castles ist eine Elektroband aus Toronto, Kanada.

Alternative Rock Stockholm/ Schweden

Alternativ - American singer, songwriter, musician, and artist Waller Texas

Ghettotech / Freestyle / Technorap - Hamburg, D

juicy hip-hop, old school R&B and dance inspired tracks Berlin, Germany

Dent May grew up singing in local church groups, acting in school plays, and performing at nursing home gigs ...

Punk, Fun Punk, Experimentell, Rock Hamburg Germany

Nu Jazz / 2-step Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York

HipHop-Pop-Dance-Soundmix London, UK

Rock / Soul LAGUNA BEACH, California US

Folk / Pop / Electronic Thereminist / Vocalist New York, USA

Indie / Rock / Punk Rock - London, GB

New Wave / Indie / Punk - NewYork (USA), Japan, Jamaica, London and South East Großbritannien

Rock / Folk Rock / Acoustic Germany Berlin

Berlin - Pop / Electro ...

Punk / Punk / Psychedelic - San Francisco, USA

the Frenchman of heralded electronic duo Zombie Zombie and various other productions, somehow convinced Detroit legend Carl Craig to ...

Modern R&B Stockholm / Sweden

Black Metal / Folk / Elektroakustik Stockholms län Schweden

Alternative rock catastrophe choir crash by Florence Welch, GB

World Music, Tropical / Soul USA

Electronic Music Großbritannien

Pop / Post Punk / Pop-Punk - Berlin, D

Indie/ Folk/ Country - Berlin/ London/ Mannheim/ Dublin, Deutschland

Klassik / Psychedelic / Other - Berlin, D

Drum & Bass - Morriston, USA

Punk / Soul / Experimental Music - Searcy, USA

Rap / Hip Hop / Progressive - Oakland, USA

Pop / R&B - San Francisco, USA

Surf / Electropop / Trance NYC & LOS ANGELES,

Electronica band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

melancolic synthie-pop Hamburg / Germany

Berlin Spandau Funk Rap Duo,Germany

Estonian singer/songwriter/pianist

Live-Elektronik / Experimentelle Musik Metal Free Jazz Berlin Germany

Rap / Reggae / Punk - London, GB

Jarvis Branson Cocker is an English musician best known for fronting the band Pulp."Further Complications." is the second solo ...

Techno / Experimentelle Musik / Pop - Berlin, D

Jello Biafra , Leader of Dead Kennedys, US

Jazz London GB

Acustic,Neo-Folk Göteborg, Sweden

Folk / Akustisch / Rock - Colorado, USA

Akustisch / Pop / Indie - Berlin, D

Canadian singer-songwriter of Acadian heritage

Folk / Americana / Acoustic Berlin,Germany

Kakkmaddafakka is a Norwegian rock band formed and based in Bergen

New Wave / Death Metal / Club France

Pop / Soul / Acoustic Melody Berlin Germany

Hip Hop / Rap / Pop - NY, USA

Akustisch / Indie / Alternative Bergen, Norwegen

Rock / Rock / Showtunes PORTLAND/SAN FRANCISCO, United States of America

Jazz / Akustisch / Pop Singer and Composer Oslo,Norway

Electro-Pop Duo, London,GB

Hip Hop / Garage - London, GB

Pop / Indie Malmö, Skåne län Schweden

dance beats and punk rock fused with the dirt and grit of Lower East Side New York LA, California

Amber Webber and Joshua Wells of Black Mountain

Disco House / Emo / Electro - Stockholm, S

Acoustic / Folk Music Wiltshire GB

Electro / House / Showtunes - Vienna, Austria

Electronica / Experimental Music / Techno - Berlin, D

Female Voice of Massive Attack Solo Artist, GB

Blending traditional Jewish themes with Reggae, rock and hip hop sounds

Pop / Alternative / Akustisch Berlin / Germany

Rock / Pop - Newcastle, GB

Rock Tokyo,Japan

Surf / Psychobilly / Lounge St.Petersburg,Russland

Electro / Jazz / Lounge Berlin Germany

Akustisch / Indie / Folk Berlin / Germany

Experimental / Electronica - Cologne, Germany

Folk / Rock / Electronic / Experimental - Island

Jazz, Ambient, House, Electronica Breakbeats Experimental Norway

Alternativ / Pop Sthlm, Schweden

Punk / Happy Hardcore / Jazz - Vancouver, CA

Electro Pop, New York/ Berlin

Gothic / Country / Punk NEW YORK, NEW YORK Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

Vibrant pop-soul with a funky twist

Indie Pop Athens / Georgia / US

Experimental Jewish Music - London, UK

Tropisch / Electronica / Grindcore - Miami, USA

Pop / Idol-Pop Portland, Oregon USA

Electro / Rock / Hip Hop Germany / Berlin

Alternative Brighton, England

Pop / Indie Stockholm, Schweden

English musician, writer, artist and poet. Known as the singer and songwriter in the band Babyshambles.

Electronic rock duo New York City, USA

ONE-WOMAN SHOW Berlin,Bolton

Breakcore Nürnberg, Bahamas Germany

Electronica / Punk / Pop - London, GB & Berlin, D

Electronic,Chill out Bergen,Norway

Pop / Indie / Soul Golden state of, California

mashing up dub, punk, and electronics to make an energetic, anger-fuelled music

Trance / Lyric - Portland, USA

soul/funk fusion singer-songwriter Leuven / Belgien

Ambient / Folk / Indie Brooklyn, United States

Indi Rock aus Schweden / stockholm

electronic soundscapes Berlin,Hamburg Germany

Rock / Experimental Music / Indie - New York, USA

Akustisch / Folk / Soul Schweiz

Pop / Indie / Folk Berlin / Germany

multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter America/ Tulsa, Oklahoma

Indie / Pop / Acoustic - Wisconsin, USA

Electro / Experimental Music / Glam Rock - Berlin, D

Indie / Folk / Pop based in San Francisco, California

Electro / Hip Hop / Soul / Dance Music - Hamburg & Berlin, D

Electronica / Jazz / Soul South London,GB

Indie / Andere / Pop Paris & Helsinki, Finland,

Post-punk, Alternative Rock, Avantgarde Manchaster, GB

Indie - Sheffield, GB

Experimental Punk Los Angeles, California

Psychedelic / Alternativ / Folk New York

US Band from Albuquerque, New Mexico, founded in 1997

Post / Pop / Punk - Portland, USA

the xx are four precocious 19 year olds from south west london

Experimentellen Freigeist,schwebender Dub,Samples

Gothic / Akustisch / Ambient , Seattle, Washington, USA Jesy Fortino aka Tiny Vipers sings and plays the acoustic guitar ...

Indie / Rock / Pop Hamburg, Germany

Travis are an alternative rock band from Glasgow, Scotland

Krass gut deutsch, Flensburg im Norden

Miami-Paris-Ed Banger Records

Raketemusik Cologne, Iowa Heard und McDonaldinseln

Hip Hop / Electronica Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States of America

Folk / Folk Rock Athens, Georgia USA

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