Messer Chups

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Surf / Psychobilly / Lounge St.Petersburg,Russland

 Messer Chups is a project of Oleg Gitarkin, Russian talented musician and composer. The band was formed in Hamburg in 1998, and originally consisted of Oleg Gitarkin (bass) and Annette Schneider (synths). The line-up changed several times. In 2003 the Lydia Kavina, world famous thereminvox-player and grand-niece of Leon Teremen, the inventor of the instrument, was a part of Messer Chups. Oleg and Lydia released together 'Black Black Magic' and some tracks on 'Crazy Price' and 'Vamp Babes: Upgrade 2004'. Since 2005 Messer Chups is a duo with Oleg Gitarkin on guitar and Zombie Girl on bass-guitar. They play twangy sci-fi music for people who know that the future actually happened over 40 years ago... www.morezvukov.nl














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