Cobra Killer

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Psychedelic / Jazz BERLIN, New South Wales Deutschland

27.10.2009 Cobra Killer @ Festsaal Kreuzberg

(support: The Smokin' 44s & Die Toten Crackhuren)



Tuesday night Cobra Killer played a set for their record release party at Festsaal Kreuzberg inspired by debauchery and tasteless entertainment. To begin the show Gina D'Orio and Annika Trost walked on stage donning black leather trench coats. Supported by pre-programmed drums and bassline, the two removed their coats and began the rampage that would last the rest of the evening. Raising the bottles of red wine that each had carried onto the stage they poured the liquid over each other, drenching their previously light-colored dresses with a deep red hue.





Finally setting down their bottles, the set began. D'Orio was working most of the electronics, starting the previously programmed beats and then running to the front of the stage to join Trost to sing and to thrash their limbs a bit. Every once in a while, the women would play with some distorted synth tones, but for the most part their beat was uninspired and uninteresting. Their singing was interspersed with interruptions as they threw themselves to the ground and stumbled around each other in their high heels. In between songs they jeered the audience, demanding that more drinks should be brought to the stage.


 As a mid-point in the show, the women left the stage, leaving only the sound of a quick snare drum and repetitive chords filling the hall. The two members of the Smokin' 44s walked on stage, chewing on a bundle of leaves. For several minutes they just stood there, chomping away. For better or worse, D'Orio and Trost eventually came back on stage and resumed the second half of the set, which continued in a similar fashion as the first. The essence of the show was not one focused on music or the quality of the sound that the women might have the ability to produce. Instead it was focused on the performance they wished to act out, perhaps to prove their lack of limits or to try to push the envelope. However, the music wasn't good enough to support the act; merely pressing "play" for some pre-programmed beats and then running around stage was unfulfilling and dull.


Written by Brit-Maren Schjeide










Hang Up the Pin Up
Ski Brille
Mr. Chang
Cobra Movement
Hello Celebrity
Goodtime Girl
My First Parachute
Upside Down
Universe in the Oven
Mund Auf Augen Zu
(Hang Up..)

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