K.C. McKanzie

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Folk / Americana / Acoustic Berlin,Germany

Diving into silence, pure unprettified longing, baneful and melancholy, K.C. McKanzie has an appreciation for the macabre,the offensive and the unusual. None of the heroes of her songs is without a secret; not a single chord that couldn't be bent into soft dissonances. It's a hard but honest tone in K.C. McKanzie's compositions

Her soft and clear voice floats wistful-folky on top of the music, and shows the way through the musical landscapes that K.C. McKanzie (banjo, guitar, vocals,) creates with her partner Joe "Budi" Budinsky (bass, banjo). They play without palliation – reducing their songs to the essential substance of rhythm, melody and story.


The Press places K.C. McKanzie as "Neo-Traditional", deeply rooted in Folk and Roots-Music while emphasizing that it is music that stands out from the masses.

K.C. McKanzie places herself somewhere between the English Folk of the 60s and 70s and the Americana acoustic sound of today. Listening to K.C. McKanzie, one is reminded of Sandy Denny, Joni Mitchell and Gillian Welch.

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