Parenthetical Girls

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Pop / Idol-Pop Portland, Oregon USA

Live in Berlin Dez.2008 at Club Lido by nuflicks.de

 EntanglementsPARENTHETICAL GIRLS-Entanglements:

An orchestral song cycle of grand sonic ambition, Entanglements is an eleven-song, linear narrative of ascendancy, adolescent sexuality, quantum mechanics, consent, and other moral ambiguities - all set to an elaborately orchestrated olio of Modern Classical and timeworn, traditional American pop forms.

Borrowing from the string-swept sentimentality of unlikely pop-ulists like Van Dyke Parks, Scott Walker, Jack Nitzsche, and Burt Bacharach, Entanglements draws colorful lines across the expanse between these orchestral pop antiquities and the more formidable strains of Modern Classical composers - its hues distantly reminiscent of names like Krzysztof Penderecki, Philip Glass, and Gavin Bryars. The result - as blended with Parenthetical Girls' already messily dripping palette - is an unsettlingly relentless emotional offensive; a gasping, restless confluence of cerebral and sentimental disparities, bound for their mutual allegiance to the uncannily timeless soundtrack that engulfs them both.

"...one of 2008's great misunderstood albums"--The Onion

ENTANGLEMENTS will be in stores Sept. 9th, 2008 via Tomlab & Slender Means Society

JUNE 27TH, 2006

Recorded with the bands recent three-piece configuration (an ensemble made up of Zac Pennington and Dead Science members Sam Mickens and Jherek Bischoff--who also served as producer for the record), "Safe As Houses" embraces the groups shrewd attention to the awkward confluence of experimental and pop musics--creating a record that is at once more difficult and more intrinsically palatable (not to mention significantly darker) than anything so far bearing the Parenthetical Girls name. Which is to say, its much better.

APRIL 25TH, 2006
PARENTHETICAL GIRLS-(((GRRRLS))): Reissued, Repackaged, Remastered.

In anticipation of the release of Safe As Houses--the sprawling follow-up to (((GRRRLS))) tentatively scheduled for a June release-- Slender Means Society is issuing (((GRRRLS))) on CD for the first time, in remastered, yet equally confusing format.

In an attempt to maintain the distinct duality of the LP release, the CD version of (((GRRRLS))) features both editions of the album--but in two different, enhanced CD formats: version O (as mixed by Jherek Bischoff) plays on any standard CD player like your average CD should, while the X version (as mixed by Jamie Stewart), takes advantage of the near ubiquity of the iPod revolution by offering its tracks as super high quality MP3s, accessible via any computer. (Confused? Me too. Just put it in your computer--you'll figure it out). Additionally, the enhanced materials feature "Inspirational Shortpants (avec paroles)," a newly finished track not available on the original vinyl release.

Foto Gallery of the live Set Dez.2008 in Berlin at Lido coming soon..


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