Jarvis Cocker

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Jarvis Branson Cocker is an English musician best known for fronting the band Pulp."Further Complications." is the second solo album by British musician Jarvis Cocker, released in the UK on May 18, 2009

He’s an English cultural institution who turned NHS specs into a sex symbol – Mr. Jarvis Cocker. In the 1990s his band Pulp topped off the holy trinity of Britpop alongside Blur and Oasis. Fronting Pulp from 1978 to 2002, his distinctive vocals crowned indie smash hits like Babies, Common People and Help The Aged. In the video for Disco 2000 he made dancing around your handbag hip.

This Sheffield man brought the world’s indie kids to their knees with caustic everyday observations wrapped in pop. He then went on to shock as one half of the English electro duo Relaxed Muscle – appearing on stage in glow-in-the-dark skeleton costumes and bringing out a practically unlistenable album. In 2006 he turned a corner with Jarvis – his first official solo album since Pulp. He’ll be playing songs from his highly-anticipated second solo album Further Complications at the Berlin Festival in August. Long time no hear, Mr. Cocker – we’re looking forward to it.

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