Chrome Hoof

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Progressive / Death Metal / Electro Leo und Milo Smee London/ GB


Chrome Hoof

It’s taken two brothers, coming from vastly different musical paths to create the futuristic yet earthy Chrome Hoof. Experimenting together as early as 1994, Chrome Hoof really lifted off around ’00. Originally the two members battling it out with bass and drums, quarter inch 4-track, an Atari, sampler and Poly 800 synth. Fastforward to 2007 and they have recruited another eight or so freaks to fill out the line-up and help create the expansive, cinematic sound they hear in their heads. 

Release wise, they put out their own 'Broken Claw' EP in '02, had an album on Tritone in '03, remixed a Test Icicles track for Domino in '05, an extended EP on Rise Above last year and the aforementioned album coming out on Southern soon. There are many things that set this band apart - experience, attitude, risk-taking, an overcultivated taste for the eccentric whim, but most importantly embracing their various nemeses with unconditional jealousy. Infinity is a harsh mistress, my friend.  Southern Records



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