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Carla Bozulich's Evangelista @ Prater Foyer 18.10.2009


Carla Bozulich's Evangelista gave an intimate performance at the Prater Foyer on Sunday night. The makeshift doorways, tapestry curtains, and mix-matched wallpaper of the Foyer created an appropriately alternative atmosphere for the eclectic and sweeping music presented by Evangelista.


The band began with unmelodic tuning, each of the 5 members of the group (featuring guitar, keyboard, cello, bass, and drums) created their individual noise, the sounds overlapping and burying each other. Eventually, individual notes began to stand out from within the excess of sound. Soon the melodies emerged from the cello, guitar and keys, and a consistent beat was set by the drums. The voices of each instrument leisurely wrapped around each other; eventually the small room was flooded by an accumulation of sounds that could actually be recognized as a song. Bozulich's powerful voice was tinged with a bit of southern drawl creating a style that could almost be described as dark neo southern rock.



The harmony of the music did not last long, as the next song began with bells, sharp cello screeches, clicks and clacks, and the whine of the toy microphone Bozulich slid over the guitar strings. Once again this extreme experimentalism and seemingly reckless amalgamation of sounds transitioned gracefully into a much more accessible composition. While a strong melody always emerged from these initial noises (most evidently from the cello), even within the songs Bozulich's howling, pained, and sometimes crazed vocals and moments of sharp feedback were constant reminders of Evangelista's experimental spirit. The entire show moved back and forth between noise and melody.


The saving grace of the truly "noise-based" moments was the fact that you could clearly hear how the excessive and incongruent tones coming from each instrument began to transition from disharmonic clamour to a slowly and gracefully emerging melody. This was with such intellectual and deliberate progression that it was impossible not to enjoy the musical journey, or at least to appreciate where it ended.

Written by Brit-Maren Schjeide



1. Evangelista part 2
2. Outside
3. Nels-Piss
4. Paper Kitten Claw
5. Winds of St. Anne
6. Marm
7. Hit It
8. Creeps
9. Iris Didn't Spell
10. You Are a Jaguar
11. Evangelista part 1




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