Milkshake and the Chopstick Abuser

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Live improvisation Dou Israel, Tel Aviv

Milkshake and                   the Chopstick Abuser

Milkshake (Or Bianca Teppler)  and the Chopstick Abuser (Ori Lavi) are a live improvisation duo - depended fully on the magic-wonder of the moment and its ultimate endless options. her- a protest artist gone mad. him- a nomad drummer who had to fix himself a portable drumset. together they explore theyre half hippie half babylonian duality.
in Berlin
Milshake discovers the large range of iphone soundscapes,electronic beats and live synthesis, while spitting her girly rebel lyrics on a megaphone.
Chopstick abuser is a well known drumming phenomena from the streets of berlin, using his skillfull rythmic creation; bells,metalophones, recycled cans, ashtrays, toys and other sounds suprises he chooses to pick from his travel suitcase.


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