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Casper Brötzmann Massaker


Caspar Brötzmann Massaker are finally back again - stronger, deeper and better than ever!

Caspar Brötzmann is a passionate and instinctive artist; he plays guitar and bass,
sings, composes his own music and paints. He uses these media to express himself in his own, modern-primitive style and makes music only when deeply inspired.

In his band, Caspar Brötzmann Massaker, he is joined by his friends: Eduardo Delgado Lopez, on bass and vocals, Danny Arnold Lommen on drums and, occasionally, by FM Einheit, master street salvage percussionist.

Caspar plays guitar in a very unique way, that is sure footed, loud and heavy. His music goes soul–deep and projects wide-screen, atmospheric sound-pictures.
It is timeless, classic music.

Caspar’s music has gained international recognition: he has toured from America to Japan,Finland, across Europe and all the way to Africa.

Massaker has recorded five albums to date, all of which have been released by labels like Rough Trade De, Thirsty Ear USA and Blast First/Mute UK, all of which are committed to supporting music as a form of true artistic expression.

Caspar has also recorded one solo album entitled "Mute Massaker", as well as having recorded with FM Einheit (Merry Christmas), Diamanda Galas and Page Hamilton. He has even performed with Pigface/ Killing Joke - personal favourite Band Name.

So now, CASPAR BRÖTZMANN MASSAKER is finally back again - stronger, deeper and better than ever.

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