We Have Band

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impressive command of musical atmospherics, sustaining a dark industrial heaviness. London,UK



Dockville Festival Germany

We Have Band, 3 friends, Darren Bancroft and husband and wife duo Thomas and Dede Wegg-Prosser, who met whilst working at a record label, left to form a band, play Glastonbury, release an album that was critically acclaimed by everyone from NME to Dazed & Confused and tour the world. So far so simple.

Yet despite the plaudits the band were not satisfied. When they had originally formed the band, their goal had been little more than to have some fun with little thought of anyone ever hearing their songs, but following the release of WHB things were different this time.

A stylistic leap on from their debut album, 'Ternion' is an intensely personal album that manages to be both uplifting and melancholic with The Word praises the band for their "impressive command of musical atmospherics, sustaining a dark industrial heaviness over the whole record."

Those expecting WHB 2 will be in for a surprise. Whilst much of what made the first album so special is still there, especially the sublime interplay between the 3 band members' vocals, this is a very different record. When WHB was released, much was made of how the band "wore their influences like a flak jacket". With 'Ternion', they have found a truly unique sound of their own. 

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