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Christlicher Rap / Black Metal / Disco House - New York, USA

 CocoRosie is Bianca and Sierra Casady. Sierra sings and plays guitar and flute. Bianca sings and does percussion (rattles things, makes things squeak, shakes a gold chain belt). They write all the music together.

“We definitely moved to the afterhours of life and unpacked our bags for this endeavor.”

Sierra comes from the classical world: control, mastery, dominance. And the classical world has its own bulimia. Ballet, torturous feet and leg bending contraptions --classicalism is like contortionism. It’s a cruel circus, like hunting unicorns or killing My Little Pony.

Bianca, on the other hand, she’s more of a lazy-toed lobster, somewhat of a psychological pistol. Much in the same way as Bianca, “Stillborn” is definitely the littlest champion. She’s always ruminating on blurry words and they, in turn, are always mutating, changing, transforming.

If Jean Genet was the muse that inspired Noah’s Ark, the spirit guide for this album was Wee Willie Winkie. A pre-pubescent idol who never changes out of his bedtime clothes, Wee Willie Winkie runs through town, upstairs and downstairs in his nightgown, knocking on the window, crying through the lock "Are the children all in bed? It’s past eight o’clock.” He might have been an O.R.W. (original rainbowarrior).

The Adventures Of Ghosthorse & Stillborn is the 3rd ventricle of the CocoRosie liturgy and is dedicated to Simons.

more info: Touch and Go Records + voodoo-EROS

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