Gina D'Orio

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Klassik / Psychedelic / Other - Berlin, D

 Vaporjieff D`Orio was born on 23rd of September 1976 in Berlin. The first gig she played in the age of 12, two days after the wall came down. After she quit playing with her first band "The Lemonbabies" in 1992 she joined "Throw That Beat" for recording their album "Superstar" and went on a worldwide tour with them in 1993/1994. In 1995 Gina V.D`Orio and Patric Catani ( Candie Hank, Puppetmastaz ) founded EC8OR. Between 1995 and 2001 they released about 3 Lps, several EPs in Japan and in the U.S. and permanently toured worldwide. In 1998 Gina V. D`Orio and Annika Line Trost founded Cobra Killer and released 4 Lps, so far.

Collaborations: Jew Funk (with Patric C., Gonzales, Max Turner, Taylor Savvy, Peaches) 2001 / 2002 Like a Tim and Gina V. D`Orio : "Bass Girl" 2004 on Like Records (distributed through Clone/NL). Patric Catani and Gina V. D`Orio : A*Class "Ain`t no future but our future" 2004 on Nneon. Mark Boombastik and Gina V. D`Orio : Lasso Legs / on Disco Cabine 2005. Vocal guest appearances: Puppetmastaz, Snax, Soffy O. ,Stereo Total. Solo releases: "Sailor Songs" 2003 -Dual Plover. Gina V. D`Orio " The Stairs " will be released soon. Up the stairs and down the stairs.



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