Louie Austen

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Electro / House / Showtunes - Vienna, Austria

 Louie Austen has been around for longer than you may realise. Now 60, Louie has leaped from thriving as an enigmatic night club crooner to one of the most exhilarating performers dance music currently has to offer. Four albums and one Best Of down the line, one thing the Viennese Electro-crooner still doesnt go for is doing things by half: „Art must be a matter of life and death – otherwise it’s not art“ is Louie´s sincere conviction. And so is "I´ll never retire, I´ll probably die on stage but I don´t give a fuck!" One thing the Viennese Electro-crooner doesn’t go for is doing things by half. Whatever he does is done with his fullest commitment – and often regardless of the consequences. Admittedly, this reckless attitude has given him some serious troubles time and again. And yet it also made him what he is today: a man who finds himself an upcoming and sought-after artist whose career hasn’t yet reached its climax.

The last album Iguana was a balancing act, just like everything else in Louie´s life. Louie sees himself as the iguana of the petting zoo whom people might be scared of at first sight but fascinated at the same time and won´t forget. Not the fluffy bunny everybody loves and wants to caress but the bizarre and extraordinary maverick in the terrarium you would like to touch but he might bite. Ugly in clichés of beauty yet interesting for all this beauty and sleekness in pop bizness are oh so dull.

 His music allows Austen a transformation from a pure entertainer, who assumes the roles of those he pays tribute to, into an artist in his own right, no less. Part of Louie Austens appeal lies in the fact that he has not entirely discarded the entertainer in this metamorphosis. He brought many things along for the ride, and his know-how of how to entertain with verve and how to put on a great show, his charm and charisma, and the style of the urbane entertainer he had cultivated so long serve him equally well in the electronic underground. He is a mediator who mixes various genres, some of which were previously regarded as incompatible. For several years now he has managed to resolve alleged contradictions and break down prejudices jazz and dance beats, advanced age and youth culture, smart style and underground. In a way I stand for a kind of reconciliation, he describes his unique position, a bridge between old and new or between young and old.

These days apart from staying physically fit with tennis, Louie´s occupied with lots of live dates worldwide and working on the „Dreams (Are My Reality)“ single – a coop with Senor Coconut cover of the Richard Sanderson track from the French La Boum movies of the 1980s, which will be released later on this year. Last but not least of course he´s already also started getting busy working passionately on a follow-up album to „Iguana“. Earlier in 2007 Louie founded his own label LA Music where he will release his records on in the future in coop with klein records.

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