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Pop / Rock / Indie - Nebraska, USA

 When Eagle*Seagull's debut album was released in early 2006 on fledgling label Paper Garden Records, what happened next can only be likened to a buzz of almost Clap Your Hands proportions. Capital reactions in online forums, euphoric reviews in the underground press, listings in various “Best Of 2006” and “Bands to watch 2007” polls – there were too many to name all of them here.
In the months that followed, our boys (and girl) from Lincoln, Nebraska progressed from just being a “hip name to drop” to playing packed venues, and the label – although still without a national distributor – had to re-press the debut CD for the umpteenth time. All this hubbub caught the attention of Lado, one of Germany’s most successful indie labels (The Gossip, Metric, Tocotronic), and Eagle* Seagull's debut was released in Europe in October of 2006 to universal critical acclaim. They even earned themselves a spot on the Austrian Indie Charts at 2 - right behind The Killers - and a place in both Rolling Stone (Germany) and Spex magazine's Best of 2006 lists. And all this turmoil – it has to be said – was caused by a band that doesn’t even fit into any existing genres – and that is precisely where parallels can be drawn to The Arcade Fire and Clap Your Hands.
They created a world of their own. And Eagle*Seagull's songs were so chart-hostile that they rarely stayed under the 5-minute mark, preferring to reveal their secrets bit by bit. So, what's next for the band? A new album has just been recorded with producer Ryan Hadlock (The Gossip, Blonde Redhead, Stephen Malkmus etc.) and its upcoming release in early 2008 is keenly anticipated. Rumor has it that it will feature several tracks less than 4 minutes long, and this won’t be the only surprise. Expect the unexpected!

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