Otto von Schirach

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Tropisch / Electronica / Grindcore - Miami, USA

 Citing a desire to become the "gangster of Digital Sound Processing", Otto Von Schirach aka the Romantic Toe Sniffler creates eccentric, frenetic, densely packed abstract Powerbook collages at the midpoint between avant electronica and the chase themes from Loony Toons cartoons. The techno oddball shreds hip-hop ("I always felt that hip-hop beats need shark-bite rhythms or chain-saw sounds"), corrupts Miami Bass and perverts techno, saturating his hard drive with sonic detritus such as Jew's-harp, accordion, Geiger counters, toys and micro-second samples of particularly morose songs from the Smiths back catalogue. Von Schirach claims the title of his debut album 8000 BC alludes to the date the music was created. "It was just waiting for me to uncover it deep within the layers of my Multimedia PC,' says the musician.Featuring his grandmother as its cover star, the follow-up Escalo Frio derived its title from a Spanish term that is almost equiv" says the ghetto funk renegade, "It's really a whole body feeling that comes over you like the chills, a tremble close to a shiver."

In 2001, Von Schirach was involved in a car accident, in which he shattered both of his legs. According to the musician, the by-product of this incident was "broken leg beats": Von Schirach was influenced by a prescription of the analgesics Vicodin and Percocet to produce "sloppy, fast and sideways music that sounded like a fart on a jet ski". Von Schirach has notably released music via Rice & Beans, Beta Bodega Coalition, Komadose and Schematic and collaborated with Ultra Red and Matmos. Autechre once claimed that the greatest challenge in their music making procedure was to make tracks that changed at the same pace as their thought processes. For Von Schirach, however, the intent is to "reach new levels of thought, using more of my brain than most people".
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