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Progressive / Grindcore / Jam Band - Montreal, CA

 In 2005, Julien Mineau (vocals, guitars), Francis Mineau (drums), Thomas Augustin (keyboards, vocals) and Mathieu Cournoyer (bass) entered the studio to record Le Compte Complet’s follow-up. Still on the Dare To Care imprint but now recorded at Breakglass and Beat Box studios in Montreal by Ryan Battistuzzi, Trompe-l’Oeil sees the band collaborating with the likes of Pierre Lapointe (singing on Montréal -40ºC), Loco Locass (on La Russe), and members of Les Trois Accords and The Dears. Fans of the band’s performances of the last two years will recognize some of the included songs, but Trompe-l’Oeil is an additionally “improved” Malajube. The new album captures and energizes elaborate, carefully crafted, catchy, and melodic tracks such as Casse Cou, La Monogamie, and the standout single Montréal - 40ºC. In spring 2006, Malajube recruited new member Renaud Bastien (guitar, keyboards), right before the French release of Le Compte Complet, on the Ladilafé label.

Now pushing 22,000 sales in Canada (and still counting), Trompe-l’Oeil has earned Malajube a Félix award at l’ADISQ for Revelation of the year, two Félix awards at l'Autre Gala ADISQ, for Alternative album of the year and Album cover. In September, the group was one of the ten finalists in nomination for the prestigious Polaris Music Prize, which is a 20,000$ cash prize handed out to a Canadian group/artist, chosen by several music journalists from across the country. They also won the awards for Artist of the year and and Best Alternative Rock album at the first edition of the GAMIQ (Gala de l'Alternative Musicale Indépendante du Québec), the Rising Star and Nova Awards at the last MIMI (Montreal Independant Music Initiative) Gala in Montreal as well as a nomination for the Prix Echo de la Chanson, presented by the SOCAN, for La Monogamie.

Malajube has extensively toured the country and abroad playing festivals and events such as the CMJ Music Marathon, Osheaga and Les Eurokéenes, turning on industry-heads and listeners alike. Regardless of the language barrier, Trompe-l’Oeil was released in the U.S. (October 31st, 2006) and is already pleasing the critics of Pitchfork, Brooklyn Vegan, Wired, Fader, Filter, Spin, Penthouse, Men’s Health Journal, Vanity Fair and more! So check your listings for a Malajube show near you and prepare to be blown away.

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