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Keine Vorschau

Dorit Chrysler

Best known for her theremin style, composer/musician Dorit Chrysler also has a prolific recording and performing career as a vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, producer, and engineer

Dorit Chrysler,  23. Juni 2007
Görlitzer Park / Berlin

Keine Vorschau

Daniel Johnston - Comics and Travelling

Johnstons song writing started early. When I was a kid, probably nine, I used to bang around on the piano, making up horror movie themes, he says. When I got a bit older, Id be mowing my lawn and Id make up songs and sing them. No one could hear me cause of the lawn mower.

Daniel Johnston,  02. November 2008
Volksbühne / Berlin

Keine Vorschau

Emiliana Torrini - Me and Armini epk

Touring with 'Me and Armini'

Emiliana Torrini,  12. Oktober 2008
Europe Tour

Keine Vorschau

Ane Brun Interview

Interview in Berlin by Nina Asseng

Ane Brun,  26. September 2008
Quasimodo Jazz Club , Berlin

Keine Vorschau

Uffie & Dj Feadz Interview

Interview at Girls Rebellious Tour in Berlin by Nina Asseng

Uffie & DJ Feadz,  25. September 2008

Keine Vorschau

Rubies Interview by Nina Asseng

Live at Tape 2008

Rubies,  08. August 2008
Tape Club

Keine Vorschau

Zoot Woman Interview by Nina Asseng

Tour Start 2008 in Berlin

Zoot Woman,  30. Juni 2008
Hotel Ibis

Keine Vorschau

Scout Niblett - Interview @ Tacheles 3/6/07

the unabbreviated Version

Scout Niblett,  03. Juni 2007

Keine Vorschau

Mouse On Mars Interview Pt. 2

at the 'Transmediale' 2008 in Berlin

Mouse On Mars,  02. Februar 2008
Maria am Ostbahnhof

Keine Vorschau

Mouse On Mars Interview Pt. 1

at the 'Transmediale' 2008 in Berlin.Foto by Dania Heller

Mouse On Mars,  02. Februar 2008
Maria am Ostbahnhof

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